Setup SAP IBP from Scratch

With IBP, SAP have improved a lot the quality of the documentation they provide. Both The Fiori front end and the addon user guide are very good. Still, there is a lack of details in the Integration documentation, and on the initial setup. This Article is a living step-by-step of one IBP Implementation and the integration with a On-premise SAP R3/APO landscape

Get both instances (IBP Test + IBP Prod) activated by SAP. Create users for those instances.

Create access via SDI (or whatever name is the cloud user management solution).

Get access to CPI-DS/HPI and create users in SDI.

Install the IBP Agent in an on premise server and set it up for communication between your on premise systems and HCI.

In ECC, create a RFC « SAPDS » to allow IBP to read it. Create a user with SAP_ALL to be the CPI-DS user.

In CPI-DS, in Sandbox, setup the datastore configuration with ECC IP and communication.

Use of the ERP Add-on – configuring the Addon. It adds in ECC a new menu : Logistic – Central functions – Supply Chain Planning Interface – Integrated Business Planning

Connection of the AddOn, ECC and IBP ?