MD04 – Additional functionalities

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MD04 has many hidden powerful and useful functions. Knowing them could make our daily work easier to evalute MRP results.

  1. Set a manual firming date.You can set a manual firming date by menu ‘Edit’ > ‘Set Firming Date’.

    Receipts lying before the firming date are firmed (an asterisk is added to the MRP element)and won’t be changed by MRP running.   For example, if you increase the PIR quantity to 10 and run MRP again, the firmed proposal (schedule line in this case) within 12.12.2014 is not changed. A new proposal is created to cover the requirement on the manual firming date.   

    Please note this is an examplle when using MRP type “PD” with blank firming type.  Read the F1 help of this field for restrictions and dependencies.
  2. Add additional navigation buttons

    You may also refer to the following SCN document with similar information:
    Icons for frequently used transactions in MD04You can add an additional navigation button for a particular MRP element by maintaining favorites, or add a series of buttons for different MRP elements by defining a navigation profile.– Maintaining favorites for an MRP element
      For example, display a purchase order in MD04.  Click the button ‘Maintain favorites’.

    Click button ‘New entries’.  You can maintain the fields by yourself or make use of existing examples by clicking button ‘Examples’.

    Check the result in MD04.  A new button is displayed which can lead you to transaction MDM2.

    – Navigation profile
    In MD04, go to menu ‘Settings’ > ‘Settings…’.

    Enter a navigation profile in tab ‘General settings’ > field ‘Navigation profile’

    Check MD04 again.  Additional buttons are added.

    Define or view a navigation profile. Go to SPRO > Production > Material Requirements Planning > Evaluation > Define Navigation Profiles

  3. Filter displayed MRP elementsIf there are many MRP elements displayed, you may want to use filter to display certain type of MRP elements. 
    – Display filter
      You can define a display filter in customizing : SPRO >  Production > Material Requirements Planning > Evaluation > Filter > Define Display Filter

    – Selection rule
    You can define a selection rule in customizing : SPRO >  Production > Material Requirements Planning > Evaluation > Filter > Define Selection Rules

    You can also configure whether you’d like to use filter by default when accessing MD04, menu ‘Settings’ > ‘Settings’.
    So what is the difference between ‘Display filter’ and ‘Selection rule’?  I’ll explain it with a simple example.– Original situation in MD04

    – Apply a display filter which only displays receipts

    – Apply a selection rule which only displays receipts

    As you can see, selction rule will affect the available quantity displayed in MD04.
  4. Material Grouping and Cross-Plant ViewSee the following blog post:
    Material Grouping and Cross-Plant View in the Stock/Requirement List(T-code MD04)