Improve deletion power of /Sapapo/delete_PP_ORDER

Once in the selection screen, enter « del_execu » in the command bar, and re-run.

Where used : WUF

Suppression ordre converti impossible (Order category BF not getting deleted in APO | SAP Community)

  • Exécuter
  • Taper dans zone de Transaction : DEL_EXECU
  • Exécuter à nouveau la /SAPAPO/DELETE_PP_ORDER

Suppression commandes ventes : /SAPAPO/SDORDER_DEL

Suppression GUID :

  • OM16 to get the Internal Ids of your orders (ou via RRP3 + GT_IO)

Suppression articles

  • Témoin de suppression dans MAT1

Suppression Sites

  • LOC3 témoin de suppression

Transportation lanes

You can mass delete transportation lanes using the following reports:

1. /SAPAPO/TR_TRPROD_MASSMAINT –> specific for products

2. /SAPAPO/TR_TRM_MASSMAINT –> vehicles on transportation lanes

3. /SAPAPO/TR_TRMCARR_MASSMAINT –> TSPs for means of transport

But before you can use these reports, you first need to go to transaction WUF and choose object type LOCATION. Choose location as an attribute, then execute. In the Transportation Lane dependencies, you need to copy and paste all those in the reports above. Choose delete in the report then execute. After the reports confirm Transportation Lanes deleted, go to WUF. Transportation Lane button dependency should not be there.

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